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Get to Know Us!

Camp Morton was founded in 1990 by Lorne Abramson and Dr. Bruce Morton, founder of Camp Lion Maxwell, Diabetes Canada’s other camp in Nova Scotia. Started on the Jim Charles Group Campground within Kejimkujik National Park, Camp Morton remains there to this day.

The program began as an opportunity for campers aged 12 to 14 to experience living with diabetes in a natural setting, as part of the “Diabetes Without Borders” campaign. Since 2003, Camp Morton has accepted campers aged 13 to 14, but the core philosophy of living with diabetes in a camping setting has remained the same.

Camp Life

Camp Morton is set exclusively outdoors. There is one small shelter used for blood glucose (sugar) testing and diabetes management routines but otherwise, campers and staff are housed in tents provided by Diabetes Canada with up to four others, surrounded by the beauty of the Park. There are flush toilets and running water on site. Camp sets up a unique kitchen area with BBQs, propane stoves and a large food prep space. Campers and staff eat under the “car port” for each snack and meal. Shower facilities are a short drive away.

Where are we?

CAMP MORTON lies in the beautiful Kejimkujik National Park in Queens County, Nova Scotia.

Our Campers

Camp Morton accommodates 30 campers, ages 13 and 14.

No transportation is provided to or from camp. Please let us know if you need assistance and we will support you in finding ways to get your camper to camp.

Our Staff

Counsellors & Instructors

The camp program staff come to us from:
  • D-Camps’ Leadership Development Program
  • Camp Lion Maxwell’s staff team
Campers are supervised by program and medical staff 24 hours a day.

Health-Care Team

The camp health-care team comes to us from:

  • Diabetes education clinics across Nova Scotia
  • Family practices
  • All departments within the Nova Scotia Health Authority

Diabetes educators, nurses, physicians, registered dietitians and medical students make up this wonderful group and are part of the cabin team.

Our Activities

Campers participate in activities that inspire personal growth, encourage team-building and foster an appreciation of the outdoors, such as swimming, hiking, canoeing, sports and sweet talks (“fun with diabetes” sessions). In the evenings, campers get to participate in all-camp games like ROCKS, Counsellor Hunt, Keji interpretive programs and more!



While at camp, every group will have the opportunity to experience hikes/excursions on some of the amazing trails that Kejimkujik National Park offers.


Outdoor cooking

Campers will have the opportunity to learn basic outdoor cooking skills that can help them in future camping excursions.


Outdoor education

Campers will have the opportunity to both play and learn outdoors while developing an understanding and respect for nature.



Campers also get to participate in our skills program during the afternoon activity slot, which is designed to let your camper focus on activities they are interested in and work to improve their skills in those activities. At the beginning of the week, campers are offered a choice of three activities they may be interested in and are placed into one of those three choices. Campers then spend the next four days in the same skills area working with instructors to build on what they learned the previous day.



Our canoeing programs provide great opportunities to learn with their own instructor. Campers will learn the basics of operating canoes. All campers and staff will wear properly-sized personal flotation devices while canoeing.



We offer a recreational swimming program where the activity instructor will run a variety of games and challenges for the kids. The waterfront is always supervised by a National Lifeguard Service (NLS)-certified lifeguard who is sometimes assisted by others with NLS or Bronze Cross certifications.

Camp Morton 2017 Dates and Rates

We understand that every family’s budget is different. We have developed a three-tiered pricing program to help cover costs for those who need financial support. Regardless of the amount paid your child’s experience at camp will not change.

Even at tier one, roughly half of the costs of camp are subsidized by Diabetes Canada. Please choose the tier that represents what your family can afford for a D-Camps experience. We truly appreciate your support in helping us continue to provide memorable camping experiences to children with type 1 diabetes across Canada.

If tier three will be a challenge for you and your family to afford please fill out the ‘Financial Assistance Form’ sent to you through the registration process. If you have decide to pay tier one, two or three please note you do not need to fill out the ‘Financial Assistance Form’

New for 2017 – My Campfire Fund!   Are you interested in fundraising to supplement your camp fees, and support D-Camps at the same time?  If so, we encourage you to sign up to take part in the My Campfire Fund fundraising initiative.  To sign up, click on the “Register Now” button, and select My Campfire Fund instead of choosing one of the tiered pricing options.

Session 1

Sunday, July 9 - Friday, July 14, 2017

Tier 1: $650
Tier 2: $500
Tier 3: $375